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I have had Brian work on my house and I have installed gutters on many of his builds. I find Brian to be very meticulous in his work and with him, it has to be done RIGHT. Brian and his wife Rhonda put a lot of care, attention and detail in all their builds and if you are going to hire a contractor that will be in your house or on your property then Brian is one of those guys that you will feel very comfortable having around.

Hank Aarsen of Aarsen Gutters 

When my late husband, Roy M. H and I purchased the land on
which our house is sited, the first question we asked of our realtor, John Surtees, was
whom he would recommend as a builder.  Without hesitation, he recommended
Arbutus Industries Limited, the company headed by Brian Kelly, and we took John's
advice-which we never regretted.
The lot Roy and I chose was not particularly suitable for the style of home we
wanted to build, and considerable site preparation was required. This was well done by
Brian and his team. Concrete was poured, framing completed, and all other phases of
construction were completed on time and without extra charges. Any "change orders"
were dealt with with dispatch, and any charges for these changes were reasonable.
Brian frequently made thoughtful.  Suggestions for small changes which resulted
either in decreased expenditures or improvements to the original plans. The few times
we chose not to go with Brian's advice, he accepted our decisions gracefully and
without argument.
Both Roy and I felt that Brian's tradesmen were well-chosen, and we heard
favourable comments from the dry wallers about the quality of the framing, which they
considered to be some of the best they had seen. Brian was always on site, and we
noted that he supervised construction carefully. We also appreciated that the site was
kept clean and tidy-the mark of a good workman.
The house Brian built became a home the moment we moved into it, and we
were able to enjoy it together until the end of Roy's life.
Roy would agree with me, I'm sure when I say that I would recommend Brian
as an excellent builder with good communications skills, and high ethical values.

Gillian M 

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